On my way to a UN meeting in midtown Manhattan the other day, I noticed a sign that said, “We’re Here for Good”. These words, posted in the window of the local YMCA, struck me as describing the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur and the United Nations. Both organizations are also working for good over the long term.

Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the founding of the UN reminds us of how much the world has changed since the original 50 countries signed the UN Charter. With 192 UN member nations today, the number and complexity of global issues addressed by the UN have increased exponentially compared to 1945. The good news is that collaboration and cooperation facilitate change on a regular basis every day around the world. And we NGOs at the UN work together to challenge global governments to honor their commitments and eliminate inequities wherever they exist.

Sisters and Associates of Notre Dame continue to proclaim God’s goodness and minister with those living in poverty as our first Sisters did more than 200 years ago. Our SND priorities at the UN — Climate Change Crisis, Eradication of Poverty, Financial Crisis, Migration, Trafficking of women and children — insert us into the middle of networking to advocate for change and celebrating what is being accomplished together. We’re here for good too.


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  1. Very interesting blog!

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