Each year the UN Department of Information (DPI) holds a meeting of NGOs on an important issue. This year the theme is “Sustainable Societies: Responsive Citizens” and the DPI/NGO conference is being held in Bonn, Germany from September 3-5, 2011. Having the DPI/NGO Conference in a different region each year allows more people to understand how the UN works at systemic change. At the 2009 conference in Mexico, various Notre Dame congregations took advantage of being together and preceded the conference with a three-day UN Orientation to help Sisters become aware of how they could contribute to policy making on local, national and international levels.

There is no registration cost for this DPI/NGO conference. If we know early enough who is interested, we can seek housing with religious communities in Bonn. This would be a really good opportunity for teachers, social workers, and justice and peace supporters, especially those living in Europe, to meet other NGOs who are working in the area of sustainable development. They will find out how they can network and strategize to make changes to structures to preserve our earth and atmosphere for generations to come. Subthemes will include the “green economy” in the context of poverty eradication, transparent governance, and grassroots activism. Let us know if you are interested.  

For more information, please visit: http://uncsd.iisd.org/events/64th-annual-un-dpingo-conference-sustainable-societies-responsive-citizens/


5 Responses

  1. Dear Sir,

    I seize this opportunity to address to you as ENO-TOGO (Environment Online) my salutation and also my expectation to participate this seminar, which will be held in Bonn
    As one of the main mediator of the Togolese youth, we would like to attend this seminar. Obviously, this will enable us to better understand all the topics learn practical ways for implementing some related projects at local level. Upon this, we would like to have all the information; I mean the registration form and other condition if any, which will allow us to participate this seminar.

    Environment Online, ENO, is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. Schools around the world study the same environmental topics and share their learning results in their local communities and worldwide on the web. The themes cover forests, water, biodiversity, climate change, ecological footprint and cultural issues, for instance

    Necessarily then, our attendance is more than important for our contribution to the discussions and the involvement of our network, but unfortunately, we don’t have the means to pay for the travel expenses to your country. We would deeply appreciate some financial support for also the accommodation means.
    All information which can help us to attend the seminar will be well come.
    Hopping that our request will return your prompt attention, Accept, Sir, the assurances of our highest consideration.

    Achille Kossi Sena KOUGBENYA
    Coordinator ENO-TOGO

    • Dear Mr. Kougbenya,

      I am glad to hear that you are interested in the DPI/NGO Conference in Bonn in September. Our group, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, is non-profit and so unfortunately has no funds available for other groups.

      I wish you well in your efforts to obtain financial support for those who may wish to attend this conference.

      Jean Stoner, SNDdeN

      • Dear Mr Jean
        I will need an Invitation letter to fulfill visa procedure and other fundraising process! could you please extend an invitation lettre in my intention?
        thank you

      • Dear Mr. Kougbenya,

        Our group, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, has already filled our allocated spaces for the DPI/NGO Conference in Bonn in September and so unfortunately cannot issue any invitations to other groups.

        I wish you well in your continued efforts to support those who may wish to attend this conference.

        Jean Stoner, SNDdeN

  2. dear/sir/mam
    I am habib from pakistan I belong to NGO, I have already attend diffrent conference in didfferent countries. Now i want to participate in this event

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