In February we welcomed to the UN Sister Chantal Metena Iniongi, a lawyer from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Chantal attended the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). She stayed in Brooklyn with Mary Jo Toll SND Coesfeld, immersed herself in UN gender equality issues, and learned about life in New York City. Sharing in English as well as French, Chantal brought to CSW her legal expertise, ministry with  abused women and girls, and personal experience of living in the war-torn country of Congo.

Mary Jo and Chantal stay warm during a cold NY winter

Chantal’s words: “I am really happy right now for learning more about women empowerment  in the  CSW because I was thinking that being a woman is a very dangerous thing …  It is the women’s experience in my country that justify my uncomfortable way of considering women because in each conflict, more victims are women. They can’t in many cases do whatever they want and they can’t do all that men do. They are sacrificed and it seems that the humanity belongs only to men. In the CSW,  women showed me through the conferences, the workshops that women are equal of men and can be and do as well as men.”


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