In Pará Brazil, charcoal is produced illegally from massive deforestation with slave labor; it takes 48 burned trees to produce one ton of charcoal. Charcoal is used to heat iron ore to produce pig iron which is then purified under high temperatures to produce steel. Appliances, cars, skyscrapers, hospital equipment, and armaments are made from this steel.

Charcoal is the most expensive raw material in the production process for pig iron, so to lower this cost steelmakers buy illegal deforestation charcoal and then pay the fines since this way is cheaper. Our Sister Dorothy Stang fought these organized crimes of deforestation, slavery, and illegal charcoal production and paid with her life.

Learn more (English only):   forest up in smoke    

Sister Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN
Portrait drawn using charcoal
(from The Forest Up in Smoke) 


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