In many parts of our world today, women and children spend many tiring hours each week collecting firewood or dung to use for cooking. Inhaled smoke causes serious respiratory illness and often death since a mother with an infant on her back bends over a fire each time she cooks a meal. Children do not attend school since they are needed to scavenge for wood or dung. Women and girls are at risk of attack when they leave their homes to find fuel. Wood and dung smoke from multiple fires in the village pollutes the air.

Solar Cooking in Chad

One of the most helpful innovations for these families is a solar cooker which can be made with materials on hand and which relies on the sun, a plentiful and free resource, to cook food and purify water. Getting a solar cooker and learning how to use it transforms the whole family. The hours a woman toils each day finding fuel can be used in other ways, including creating items for sale to support her family. Husbands have greater respect for their wives as they see them proudly become major contributors to the family’s income. Children are free to attend school and the family can now afford school fees. Everyone is healthier and happier. To learn more about how you can help:


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