Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur is an accredited non-governmental organization (NGO) at the United Nations since 2001.
  • Sister Jean Stoner, main representative of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur at the UN, follows issues related to poverty eradication, rights of women and girls, sustainable development, financing for development, education, and eradication of human trafficking.
  • SND at UN NGO Office
    777 UN Plaza
    Concourse, Suite C
    New York, NY 10017-3521

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It is in the shelter of each other that people live.
Irish proverb

The NGO Committee for Social Development gathered more than 15,000 signatures from around the world in support of the Social Protection Floor Initiative. This initiative seeks to remedy the current situation where more than 75% of people in the world do not have adequate social protection including basic health services, education, food, water, and sanitation. Comments from signatories compiled in a booklet entitled Can You Hear Us? were shared at last month’s opening session of the UN Commission on Social Development. Signatures are still being collected in support of governments and civil society working to implement adequate social protection priority in all nations.

To sign the petition:    http://www.ilo.org/gimi/gess/ShowNews.do?nid=12209 (choose your language)
Can You Hear Us? :        www.ngosocdev.net/index.php/2012-commission-on-social-development/

Two Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur are quoted in the booklet:

To grow spiritually, a person needs a minimum of security.   Marie-Rose Lepers, Belgium

How wonderful! With this petition we are acknowledging that we are one world, interdependent and interconnected, a plea for the life of all.     Sandra Price, Nicaragua

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