The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur of the United States call on the US federal government to implement a comprehensive immigration reform that would:

•     Provide a path to legalization for the undocumented;
•     Provide a path to legal work for future immigrants by increasing the number of employment visas available;
•     Expedite family reunification by increasing the number of family-based visas available;
•     Restore due process rights important for the protection of refugees and others;
•     Focus on the development of migration sending countries.

Sisters pledge themselves and invite others to:

•     Pray for comprehensive immigration reform and for the victims of the broken immigration system and for those who advocate harsh anti-immigrant laws;
•     Work in our local communities as we are able to support local initiatives to protect immigrants’ rights and to promote comprehensive immigration reform.
•     Help educate our communities about Catholic Social Teaching, the suffering of immigrant communities and the global realities which are causes of their emigration;
•     Work with organizations committed to comprehensive immigration reform.

“Migration is a constant phenomenon, and through dialogue and partnerships, governments and other stakeholders can help and learn from each other in order to maximize migration’s developmental benefits while minimizing its negative impacts.”
Global Forum on Migration and Development


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