Vale Corporation, based in Brazil and operating in 37 other countries, was named the “Worst Company in the World” in January 2012 by the Public Eye Awards for its maltreatment of human lives and its destruction of Mother Earth. Our Sisters in Brazil are eyewitnesses to this. Vale is part of the United Nations Global Compact and the International Council on Mining and Metals which both promise to be socially and environmentally responsible. Claiming interest in the green economy and sustainable development, Vale is bringing influence to bear on the preparations for Rio+20. Through its Technology Institute, Vale pledges to “make responsible and respectful approaches to environmental, scientific and technological development a matter of course,” but its record shows just the opposite. Vale is a sponsor of the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, where sustainability is defined as “a company’s delivery of long-term value in financial, social, environmental and ethical terms.”  Too many companies like Vale are using sustainable development language to benefit their bottom line.


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