We all know that war and armed violence divides countries and destroys lives. And the $55 billion-a-year global trade in conventional arms and ammunition fuels conflict, poverty, gender-based violence, and human rights abuses. In 2006 discussion on controlling arms began at the United Nations and in 2009 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that mandated a negotiated Arms Trade Treaty. Preparatory committee meetings were held in 2010 and 2011, and now a four-week conference will be held in July at UN Headquarters in New York City to finalize a legally binding treaty. We look forward to an end to unregulated transfers of arms and an agreement that is transparent, effective, and enforceable.


What we can do: Speak Out in support of an effective Arms Trade Treaty. Add your voice through a wide range of actions. Pressure does work – efforts stimulated the start of treaty-related discussions in 2006.    www.controlarms.org/speak-out

With global cooperation we could live peacefully, sustainably, on this planet.
Ervin Laszlo


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