Earth is the only planet in the universe being shared for the survival of human beings and living organisms, and nature is fairly given to every continent. However, natural resources are not equally distributed by means of social, political and economic powers of countries and governments.

One could not drink clean water in result of dissolved disposal wastes in rivers pumping out from industrial zones. One cannot afford to receive proper healthcare and education but, instead, has to work in worst workplaces to meet family needs of skyrocketing food and energy prices. Families have to migrate from one place to another as a result of deteriorated soil, bad weather and leaning economy.  Overall, natural resources are not equally shared and as always, poor people and communities are marginalized to receive assistance.

Since Earth is a shared resource, waste water from industries will have an impact on local communities and can even lead to extinction of biological species. Rising food and energy prices can collide with global industrialization and demands of scarce resources. Increase in migration influences employment rates and foreign policy of the countries. Hence, the earth is a common resource and the living beings on earth share the future in common.

Always, there are short – term solutions, e.g., importing clean water to communities facing water scarcity, finding more energy resources to meet the market demands and also reduce the price and giving shelters to immigrants. However, these statements do not answer the sustainability of earth and of future environment. Thus, I believe, it is the goal of Rio + 20 conference which will be held soon to look for possible, measurable solutions within affirmed institutional framework with nations, states and governments.



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