According to the Rio+20 website, poverty is the underlying factor that has caused a deep divide in human society. This divide has then led to an increase in conflict and violence worldwide. According to scholars, the growing gap in wealth is the root cause of this instability. But then with the conference that is set to take place in Rio, there is the call for sustainable development. One key aspect that needs focus is the Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction issue. This issue is relevant because just as poverty has a domino effect on everything we do in society, so do natural disasters. For example, once a natural disaster occurs, without the necessary reaction tools and equipment one cannot bounce back from the impact of that disaster. Also, with natural disasters, as the domino effect happens there is no place to cultivate food, provide shelter among many other basic necessities.  Rio+20 will be the stepping stone for having sustainable development and tactics that will promote the purpose of Rio.

Looking into goals and objectives from previous mandates and statutes that were a result from previous conferences  seemed ambitious. Since every issue is interconnected, there is the need to have that in mind when designing disaster prevention and reduction goals. These goals do not have to be short term but then they have to be sustainable as well as long term. Rio+20 is the key point where many nation states and civil society have to come together in order to find solutions that can sustain the earth. Disasters cannot be prevented; therefore the best we can do as a society is to come up with goals that will aid in withstanding and recover quickly from disasters.


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