“I want a future where people from different walks of life feel happy, fulfilled and lead better lives.” ~ Carlos, El Salvador.

“The future I want to see is for my students to have enough water, to wash their hands and water the plants in the school.” ~ Christian, Zimbabwe.

Above are the wants of global citizens urging their respective governments to be committed and take action on Rio+20 Sustainability development conference. Of course, citizens’ wants could not easily be fulfilled unless needs for sustainability were carried out first. Hence, Rio+20 conference calls for reaching out to the need, i.e., putting investment in an environment where everyone deserves to enjoy nature, as well as preserve energy resources and share with one another.

Sharing sources is not an easy task since poor, vulnerable people are marginalized as always. Preserving energy is almost inconceivable where food and resources are profitably maximized and exclude deprived populations. So, how can the earth be sustainable where there are social exclusion to the poor and inclusion only to profitability? Thus, needs should be discussed and engaged in Rio+20: how social exclusion should be eradicated for the poor to reach access, be able to consume resources and enjoy nature as well.

Rather than making the most of market economy, respective governments should address social investment which may benefit the well-being of their countries and citizens. Policies should be implemented to reduce unequal access to opportunities, poverty and gain health benefits. Both government and civil society should promote employment, basic social protection, education, healthcare and water sanitation. Without these basic needs or social investment, sustainability conference cannot call upon sharing resources or preserving energy.

Yes, Rio+20, social investment is the future we need.


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