With the conclusion on the voting on Rio +20 dialogues, member states are getting ready to undergo discussions at the conferences. On June 17th, UN officials call for greater efforts in preserving the soils. The main reason as to why the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon suggested the need to focus on a sustainable earth is because it falls on the eve of the UN conference on sustainable development. The main reason why they made this call was to reverse land degradation. Because without a healthy and sustainable soil, there is no way that humans can survive and cultivate food. Just as having a sustainable earth contributes to sustainable development, it aids in eradicating poverty among many other issues.

As heads of state, UN officials, and members of civil society gather on June 17th, there are hopes to develop policies that promote healthy and sustainable policies. This call for a sustainable earth can be linked to the previous post on disaster resilience. Because with practices that help in reversing land degradation will also help reduce natural disasters. This is because with a degraded land, once disaster sweeps in, it is easier to destroy everything especially forests. One might even say that UN Secretary General’s choice of a theme for World Environment Day in 2012 was no coincidence as it led up to Rio+20

Therefore, with the conclusion on the voting on Rio+20 dialogues, it sets the tone for many heads of states, parliamentarians and members of civil society to ensure that the main objective of sustainable development is followed through. Therefore the Rio+20 conference has to make sure it achieves its main objective.  To further understand the recommendations that members of heads of state and other members of civil society will be working on getting policies passed, visit  http://vote.riodialogues.org/


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