The life of an intern at the United Nations is an experience that one would not trade for the world. It is an internship that keeps you on your toes because you have no idea what to expect. A typical example of not knowing what to expect would be the Rhythms of One World Concert. This concert was held to celebrate the signing of the UN charter at the Lincoln Center. This event was sponsored by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and the Permanent Mission of Romania. The concert featured seven internationally recognized choirs.

Seven International Choirs, One voice, One Message

The choirs shown above include The Kearsney Choir from South Africa, The Norwegian Girls Choir from Norway, The Signal Hill Alumni Chorus from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago,  The University of Newcastle Chamber Choir from Australia, The Appalachian Children’s Chorus from the United States, The County Town Singers from Canada and Voices International from Luxembourg.

It started with an island vibe from The Signal Hill Alumni Chorus, moved to the story-telling songs of The Appalachian Children’s Chorus, and ended with the dramatic and entertaining songs of The Kearsney Choir from South Africa. Along with the performances of the choirs, there were two songs that were world premiered to convey the message of World Peace. This event made sure it highlighted the purpose behind the signing of the UN charter. As an intern, I felt lucky enough to have experienced this. It proved that many voices can come together as one no matter the background, race, or religious belief. This is an experience I will forever remember.

To watch the concert webcast from the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, go to



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