From April 30 until May 6, I was privileged to live with and learn from our Sisters coming from all over the world. Sr. Margaret Gorman clarified for us the context of health-care as ministry from our very foundation as a congregation. Even at the opening evening reception, I was amazed at the variety of the Sisters’ personal and professional backgrounds.  The days of reflection on various province ministries, local and global issues, as well as visits to health centers where our Sisters attend to those who might otherwise not receive the healing touch of Jesus brought to each of us a sense of solidarity in ministry as well as in sisterhood. Experiencing firsthand the service provided by our Sisters is a help to me as I work on an international level with issues such as aging, maternal and child mortality, persons with special abilities, differing types of illnesses, wellness efforts, and end of life care. To see the reports of provinces as well as presentations given at the conference, please do the following: 1) Go to, 2) Click on English, 3) See the right hand column: Health Care Conference, At the bottom of the article you will see (Click here for Conference Presentations) 4) Click and follow directions for viewing.


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