A picture of two young boys enslaved into fishing in Ghana.

Recently, the U.S state government released the 2012 Trafficking in Persons report. As a native of Ghana, I have a high interest in finding out how Ghana ranked on the report. According to the report, Ghana is ranked as a Tier 2 country. A country that is ranked as a tier 2 is defined as a country of origin, transit and destination for men, women and children. These people are then subject to forced labor and sex trafficking.

Ghana has experienced more trafficking of its own citizens than trafficking of foreign migrants. Most children that are trafficked are subjected to forced labor in sectors such as fishing, mining, domestic service, street hawking, begging, child prostitution and agriculture. Besides being forced into labor, they are also forced into other West African countries.

As an observer, the only recommendation that I can make would be that the government of Ghana needs to open its doors to international organizations to acquire the necessary skills and tools in order to convict and prosecute violators. Along with this recommendation, there is the need to give the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit needs the necessary resources through training in order to identify trafficked victims. Also, services that are provided to victims need to be made available.

To read more about the Trafficking in Persons report of 2012, visit for more details.


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