As Humans we need to have great problem solving skills.
Problem solving is critical and revolutionary. We don’t need to know the
full problem to have a solution”.   – Dr Karen J. Smith

Eradication of poverty is known as one of the major concerns of the Millennium Development Goals. In order to achieve this goal, a 5th Forum was held with different viewpoints: perspectives of women, of international labor organization (ILO), of Government and of civil society and NGOs. Dr. Lakshmi Puri, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, pointed out that eradicating poverty needs to be done in terms of gender equality and decent work. She emphasized that empowering women is an integral part of achieving the MDGs as a whole. She focused on the future we want outcome document that explained ways of eradicating poverty. Dr Puri mentioned that in Rio there was a realization of the need to unlock the potential of women as drivers for development. There is the need to give women equal political participation, remove barriers that inhibit women from participating in the economy, and legislative reforms to give women equal access to economic resources, for example, ownership of land, property, etc. She mentioned that the idea of women being associated with micro-credit needs to be changed because women are also entitled to macro-credit just like men. Her main reason for making that statement was because she believes that women are the main drivers of the economy.

The ILO perspective focused on the youth employment crisis and how the presence of low quality jobs is not lifting the youth out of poverty. The ILO perspective made a recommendation that young people are part of the solution to ending youth unemployment as well as eradicating poverty because their voices need to be heard and their input needs to be included among many other things. The perspectives of the Governments were represented by H.E. Mr. Antonia Gumende, Ambassador  and Representative of the Republic of Mozambique and Mr. Cheick Side Diarra, UN Under Secretary General and High Representative.  They focused on how developing countries and least developed countries have focused on legislations that will benefit the most vulnerable groups in society. They focused on policies that have been created by these countries in order to integrate the eradication of poverty plan into action. The Representative of the Republic of Mozambique reaffirmed that Mozambique will cooperate and strive together in achieving the goal of poverty eradication while the Under Secretary General emphasized on the idea that national policies that are formulated by the least developed countries need to be diffused.

The Perspectives of the NGOs concluded the forum by saying that NGOs have a major role in eradicating poverty. Their role is to motivate communities to participate in projects to promote sustainability and improve their lives. But then the main setback is that NGOs have limited time and funding therefore they cannot do everything on their own.  Overall this forum created a sense of hope that the goal of eradicating poverty can be achieved with the intention of creating decent and sustainable work while educating and empowering women. Once there are initiatives and policies being made, the problem of poverty can be solved.


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