Soon after a few days of interning in United Nations, questions pondered in my head: “What’s in it for me?” As a beginner, there are times that I need to learn from basics – social science terms, acronyms and subjects that require broader comprehension unlike classroom culture I have experienced. Likewise, choices are there: several meetings to attend, new people to get to know, panel discussions to engage in, or just let the hours fly. Chances are proportionate but mainly dependent upon how a person sees his or her transformation leading into a career life.

Then, two months of internship have un-noticeably passed away.

So, what’s in it for me?

Before internship, a humongous change is what I was looking for: transformation in ideas, thoughts and capabilities. Then, the career I want to possess in future is the second interest. A humongous change did not happen overnight, neither in a week nor a month but it develops steadily. More, expectations weren’t met until realizing that self-interests couldn’t be fulfilled unless I noticed what was inside me. Self-transformation is to develop with the best in me and the experience I learn from internship. Meetings can be seen boring but can also be entertaining if I see amusement in organizational culture, interactive communication and goals of participant groups being on the same page. Hence, what is in it for me is how I see my transformation from interning in UN.


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