Some of you may remember my request for examples of actions that restore rights to those living in poverty. One example that was very helpful for our work was sent from Sr. Emilia Welter in Moçambique. Sister has been doing significant work with the Maputo and Chimoio Diocesan Peace and Justice Commissions in the area of human rights. She was recognized for her work by the archdiocese and by TROCAIRE Moçambique. When it came time for the UN Human Rights Council – Universal Periodic Review for Moçambique, the government then asked for input from these diocesan commissions for their report. Although we often challenge our governments on issues of human rights, if we do so in an effort to make constructive change they begin to ask for our help in these reviews because they trust our credibility “on the ground”.

We can continue to monitor and influence domestic policies and international human rights and track and monitor implementation of the recommendations given to the country by the Human Rights Council. Many of you are working with groups of people for local or national systemic change. Magdalena Sepulveda, the Special Rapporteur on Poverty and Human Rights, is very interested in the progress of this work.

Some examples of what is being requested could be good practices to address lack of inclusion, results of misuse of funds, gender inequality, denial of participation in governance, discrimination against members of certain groups, and awareness raising. If you are able, please send me a one paragraph description and I will compile them. I need them by the first week of November.


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