Naa Aku Addo &
Phone Myat Tharaphy
summer interns 2012

Would you like to spend three months, six months, or an entire year as an unpaid intern in the SNDatUN Office in New York? You would attend UN briefings and meetings and participate on NGO Committees in various issue areas. With a strong support group of other NGO interns, you would learn about and advocate positions on various global justice issues. You would assist with communications to the broader audience of those following the work of the UN. There is no fee for SNDatUN internship, but interns are responsible for their own transportation and room and board while in New York City. If you would like more information about this meaningful opportunity, please contact Jean Stoner at SNDatUN@sndden.org

Education liberates, empowers and enables choices.
We recommit enthusiastically to educate for life in all our ministries.
Sisters of Notre Dame, 2008


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