Notre Dame Academy“We have all been blessed beyond our understanding with a Notre Dame Academy education. In honor of today – the International Day of the Girl – it is important to help others recognize the severe lack of safety and education for our fellow females throughout the world. Stop by and pick up a flower to decorate today at lunch and proudly wear your yellow yarn to show your support. Spread the movement on your social media sites! Share, post, tweet! Make your voice heard! Show that you care ‘because you are a girl’.”

This was one of the daily reflections created by Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio. Activities of the week included awareness-raising about girls’ potential and the barriers to their ability to thrive. We know from the Virtual Summit on the evening of October 11 that girls all over the world and their families and friends were participating in activities. Please share with us what you were doing. Just send a paragraph to describing your activities and a photo if you have one and we’ll share it with the congregation.

At about the same time as the Day of the Girl our attention was drawn to a courageous girl named Malala. To see more about how girls risk a lot to attend school, go to:


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