In an effort to find the best ways to collaborate on issues of justice, peace, and integrity of creation from international to national to local system change, Sr. Mary Patricia Dorobek in Rome and Sr. Mary Jo Toll in New York Skype each other bi-weekly. Collaboration is not new for them; in their years of teaching and direct service ministry, they have worked together on Model UNs, Junior Council on World Affairs, and workshops for students and members of communities to raise awareness on national and international justice issues. They will be together for the Commission on the Status of Women, meeting women and girls from all over the world and listening to NGOs, government Ministers for Women, and other agencies who focus on the issues of women and girls.

Part of the time will be spent on a girls’ caucus which will examine a draft of the final commission document. They will facilitate girls’ contributions from many countries, using their own experience. Other time will be spent in NGO dialogues with regional negotiating groups of member states and networking with NGOs who do similar work.


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  1. Thank you Mary Jo. I think your plan is excellent and in giving the voice to so many especially those who are younger I am sure much awarenesswill follow,

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