As a follow up to the 2006 High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development, the October 3-4, 2013 meeting of high level government ministers, UN Agencies, and non-governmental organizations will set the framework for the next few years of global efforts to recommend migration policy to countries of origin, transit, and destination. Among the recommendations being made by civil society are:

  1. Effectively reform and regulate the labor recruitment industry in order to avoid exploitation of workers.
  2. Improve policies to assist and protect migrants who are in crisis – due to conflict, natural disasters, vulnerability of women and children, and other humanitarian situations.
  3. Integrate migration into the Post-2015 Development Agenda, addressing migrant contributions to sending and receiving countries, as well as better planning to work with the needs of the migrants and countries in the area of development.
  4. Promote the exchange of good practices and enact more realistic national policies responding to such issues as family reunification and social services.
  5. Create mechanisms to guarantee labor rights for migrant workers that eliminate the “underclass” of exploitable members of the labor force.
  6. Make needs and rights of women and children a cross cutting-issue in all migration policies.
  7. Use already existing entities such as the Global Forum on Migration and Development, the Global Migration Group, the International Labor Organization, and the International Organization for Migration to harmonize and upgrade migration protection – in cooperation with civil society.

Preparations are being made by civil society for regional meetings, including global interactive meetings at UN Headquarters in New York on June 25 and July 15, 2013.

More information can be found on the following website:



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