Say no 2 povertyIn September 2000 the United Nations Millennium Declaration identified significant objectives – Peace, security and disarmament/ Development and poverty eradication/ Protecting our common environment/ Human rights, democracy and good governance/ Protecting the vulnerable/ Meeting the special needs of Africa/ Strengthening the United Nations. In order to accomplish these laudable objectives and focusing in particular on poverty eradication, the UN affirmed eight Millennium Development Goals  (MDGs) with an accomplishment target date of 2015.

We are now two years away from 2015, and the uppermost question these days at the UN is “What next?” An unprecedented global consultation is taking place to determine what will happen Post-2015. So far the emerging consensus is to continue the work of the MDGs in the form of newly-articulated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which will be applicable to all countries, not just developing ones. They will focus on sustainability so their implementation will not compromise the future of the planet. There are high expectations for this process including compliance with actions already agreed to and addressing global inequalities on a larger scale.

How to finance future agenda is also part of the conversation. One idea is to reallocate current funding resources. The estimated annual cost of the MDGs is $40-60 billion; currently the world is spending $1.7 trillion each year on the military. A modest 10% annual reduction in global military expenditures would fund the MDGs/SDGs three times over.

  • Reflect on and pray about transformative changes needed to move toward a better world:

PGJ booklet 2013

Our Shared Destiny in a Post-2015 World   (in English)
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