WGGAs girls from various regions of the world were strategizing for the 2013 plan to implement the Agreed Conclusions of the 57th Commission on the Status of Women, the Working Group on Girls decided to respond to instances of violence against girls on the local level. They took the caucus statements and framed them into a tool that could be used to: 1) raise awareness of the concerns about violence against girls, and 2) find the potential to change systems and transform villages, countries, and the world into a place to live that is safe, supportive, and joyful for all children and young people.

An instance of leadership in this area was noted in August of this year and reported widely on the Internet: KENYA – GIRLS’ ADVOCACY VICTORY – LANDMARK COURT RULING THAT POLICE MUST INVESTIGATE RAPE & PROSECUTE.
The link is: 

Taking courage from this report, the WGG will gather in groups and plan the future of achieving girls’ potential! If you are interested in joining part 1 of this project, please e-mail Ilaria Buonriposi at  and she will send you materials to use.


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