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The Mining Working Group at the United Nations, a coalition of NGOs with members in 27 mining countries, presented an intervention at a recent Thematic Debate convened by the President of the General Assembly on the topic of water, sanitation, and sustainable energy. The group made the following important points about the connection between mining (extractive industry) and water:

“Our members report extractive industry takeovers of freshwater lakes and vital ecosystems; rivers sold to the highest bidder for profit rather than public good; government agreements with international companies for hydraulic fracturing without consultation with the people; adverse impacts on indigenous peoples that violate rights and increase poverty; and local communities in constant resistance to corporate takeover of the community’s scarce water sources. The global community needs to:

  • Shift from commodification and privatization of water to a human rights-based approach, promoting the global commons, inter-generational equity, and the sustainability of our planet;
  • Measure resource allocation in terms of economic, social and cultural rights and ecological sustainability criteria;
  • Prioritize water for human consumption, food production, protection of watersheds, care of vital ecosystems – rather than for industrial consumption or unsustainable energy production;
  • Focus on root causes of global energy and water issues, including inequitable use, overconsumption, and contamination.”

Water drop cropWhat you can do:

Pray the UN environmental sabbath prayers   http://bit.ly/1maI3Ji

Learn more about the rights of nature   http://bit.ly/1bMGC2K

Follow this issue at the UN    http://bit.ly/1c3d37w 

Support peaceful environmental resistance in Brazil and Peru
http://bit.ly/1g7YZ1W       http://bit.ly/1qiBoPk



Be as water is — without friction.
Flow around the edges of those within your path.


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