In a current UN consultation process, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2015 and beyond are being identified. Building on the Millennium Development Goals, the SDGs will address the challenges of economic development, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and good governance. Addressing the water, sanitation and sustainable energy crises is essential for the achievement of development goals. 783 million people live without clean water; 2.5 billion have no adequate sanitation; and 1.4 billion people are without access to electricity.

waterwith blessings-1One solution to the water crisis is Water With Blessings, a program sponsored by various NGOs at the UN. Through this program, women who live in remote areas with unsafe water are trained in the use of an inexpensive but dependable filtration system. In exchange for the filters, the women commit themselves to providing clean water for their families, neighbors, and eventually the whole village. The women themselves become trainers for other women and form support groups where they learn skills that contribute to social development. There are over 2,500 trained Water Women in Honduras and almost 100 in Mexico; sites in Africa are being chosen for the next round of training.

Learn more and get involved: www.waterwithblessings.org 


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  1. Sister Mary Jo Toll,

    I teach Religion at Notre Dame Academy in Park Hills, KY. I was thrilled to see what you are doing. My 12th grade morality students have been putting this website together – http://earthpandas.wordpress.com in anticipation of the upcoming encyclical. We’d love to get your feedback! I hope to be in touch.


    Dan Martin

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