Janna Ayesa RognoniJanna Ayesa Rognoni from Sant Cugat del Vallès near Barcelona, Spain, attended the UN Commission on the Status of Women in March as part of our NGO delegation. Janna shares her perceptions of an event she attended:

“One speaker from the United Nations Foundation ( helps women from underdeveloped countries have better conditions in hospitals to improve their health, fight against hunger, and show developed countries what is happening there. Some statistics:

–      60% of women in the world are hungry
–      Only 21.4% in parliaments are women
–      3 of 10 women suffer from physical or sexual violence by their partners
–    800 women die every day in pregnancy and childbirth in some part of the world

The main problems of health were about electricity — having enough light in all clinics — only 24% of the hospitals in Africa have electricity and in other countries there is little electricity. Also, fuel based-lighting produces multiple hazardous materials very bad for health. Solutions: What do we do?

–        Make universal access to electricity
–        Double the global rate of energy-efficient improvement
–        Develop sustainable energy
–        Develop tools for health education

Another speaker talked about the importance of mobile technology to help women in underdeveloped countries. She thought that innovative solutions were the key to change women’s lifestyles. Mobile phones provide women access to education, health centers, and independence. They help integrate them to gender equality and give them business opportunities in some programs.

Personally, the fact that surprised me most was how mobile technology could help women who have little access to social life or education or health centers. For that reason, I think technology is very important, especially in those countries, and it would be good to continue teaching those women how to use a mobile to improve their lives, have a job, and have better relationships with their community.”


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