Mary Jo TollSweden hosted this year’s Global Forum on Migration and Development from May 9-16 in Stockholm. This meeting included participation in the grass roots Peoples’ Global Action and the launching of the Migration and Development Civil Society Network (MADE), an effort to link NGOs regionally from countries of origin to the diaspora in the country of destination. MADE creates new initiatives that promote personal development and respect for human rights and labor rights as well as migrant participation in policy considerations for good governance.   www.gfmd.org/

GFMD logoCivil Society Days, Common Space (joint meetings between NGOs and countries), and Government Days focused on ethical recruitment and employment practices, empowering migrants in crisis in transit and at borders, protecting and empowering children in the context of migration, and migration’s place in the coming Sustainable Development Goals. More information about these issues will be shared as efforts are made to create and replicate good practices.

Meeting highlights: good representation from all regions of the world and governments pursuing issues for which we have been advocating such as human rights for migrants regardless of status and recognition of contributions of migrants (for example, in the United States, 13% of all new small businesses are started by immigrants). Hopeful signs: real progress in dialogue, communication, and trust level; migrants themselves are more involved; governments and other stakeholders are listening to them; leadership is more creative, responsible, and responsive.

For a recent report by youth migrants,
go to: http://tinyurl.com/pe4d4gx (choose your language)


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