In 2010, there were an estimated 27 million international migrants between the ages of 15-24 among the 214 million migrants worldwide. About three times as many young migrants move within their country for reasons of escaping poverty, conflict, the results of climate change, or, in general, to seek a better life. The decision to migrate, with or without family, is not an easy one to make.

Mary Jo youth & mig articleThe World Youth Report presents issues of young migrants in their own words. It relates situations: pre-journey, in transit, concerns and challenges in the country of destination, and the experience of returning home. The report was prepared in consultation groups of various countries as young migrants express their own perspectives on how migration affects them. It was written with a view to designing specific interventions that address unique vulnerabilities of the young and to help them realize their hopes and aspirations. Illustrated by youth who joined in the discussions, with maps detailing routes of movement, the online version is available at:


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