Mary Jo Toll

You may remember the very significant women’s conference in Beijing in 1995. Three Sisters of Notre Dame were present for this historic meeting which produced the Beijing Platform for Action. The BPfA has been a powerful agenda for women’s empowerment since 1995. It treats such areas as poverty, education, health, violence, armed conflict, power and decision-making, human rights, environment, media, advancement of women, and the girl child. Sisters who attended this international movement are Mary Sujita Kallupurakkathu, Mary Sudha Varghese, and Kathryn Feeley.

Beijing 1995

Regional gatherings to renew political energy and social mobilization twenty years later will focus on the following issues:

  1. Overview and analysis of achievements and challenges since 1995
  2. Progress in the implementation of the critical areas of concern of the Platform for Action with emphasis on the years since 2009
  3. Data and statistics
  4. Emerging priorities

Information on regional gatherings:

African region (Addis Ababa)

Europe and North American region (Geneva)

Latin America and the Caribbean region (Santiago)

Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok)

Western Asian region (venue to be announced)

The outcomes of these regional review processes will feed into the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in March 2015.



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