Anne Kertz KernionAnne Kertz Kernion (www.cardsbyanne.com) is not present at the United Nations but her words of wisdom certainly apply to NGOs and all who are working for global change:

“Lately, I’ve been avoiding the news because I’m feeling beat up. Bad news streams to us every hour of every day, bombarding us relentlessly, and it all frays my spirit. So it’s a welcome relief to hear some good news for a change, and the latest statistics tell us this: the world is actually getting better in many measurable ways. The per capita rates of violence, poverty and disease are going down, while educational opportunities and childhood survival rates are going up. This data gives us reason to be hopeful. For example, violent crime has fallen 50% since 1992, more people are living in democratic countries than ever before, the average lifespan has increased worldwide, and more children go to school regularly. But good news doesn’t usually qualify as ‘news,’ so we don’t hear about all of these positive trends. Simply put, the drumbeat of bad news does not reflect the reality of the numbers. And numbers count. We ARE making the world a better place, slowly but surely.

I’m not suggesting that we should all retire and begin eating bonbons beneath the shade of a palm tree. ‘Better’ does not mean perfect. There is still a lot of work to be done for those suffering from disease, hunger, climate change, violence, etc. But let’s not lose sight of the progress we’ve made. Let’s continue to ‘keep on keeping on,’ using our human ingenuity to bring about even more improvement to our world. … And remember what the numbers tell us. The world is getting better in many ways.”

View UN Millennium Development Goals Progress Chart 2014:  http://bit.ly/1vxjJK3

Listen to Anne Murray’s A Little Good News:    


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