Alla 1 cropBy Alla Baranovskaya, Intern in SNDatUN Office  Being a part of the United Nations is a fascinating experience. The actual feel of it is a lot more interesting than the theory that I have been learning about in the California State University. Standing in the UN building gives you a thrill and excitement that you would never be able to feel without the opportunity of being actually present in the UN headquarters. Here I’ve observed so many different kinds of people. Every time when I make a step in the UN territory it feels like I am stepping in a little version of the world as a whole. Taking in mind that all the people here came from different parts of the world, speak multiple languages, have their own life situation, their own status and agenda, and are all here “united” with one thought: “As human beings we all have to unite with each other in order to achieve a peace in this wonderful world”.

view of UN cropI have learned that there are many different approaches to the United Nations that are taken into consideration: economic, political, communication oriented, and social. However, I would underline that the human factor is one of the most important factors of all. People have to listen to each other, get under each other’s skin in order to understand a possible solution of the issues that are going on right now. The people in the United Nations are here for a cause of solving different ongoing conflicts, reducing poverty, sharing their stories as well as their knowledge with everyone else. They are the ones who are making the actual change. The attendance of so many meetings and events at the United Nations headquarters during the Commissions for Social Development (CSocD) and the Status of Women (CSW) gave me a clear idea how and why the unity of all the people is the “key” to the success in this world. Uniting, we the people are able to change the world, to provide for one another and to fulfill other countries’ needs for things they lack.  www.un.org


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