By Robert Solomon, SNDatUN delegate to Commission on the Status of Women Robert Solomon

One take away for me [at the Commission on the Status of Women] was to see so many people (yes, mostly women, but there were men) from so many countries participating from so many points of view in the necessary improvement in the lives of girls and women. I must confess that even though this is the 20th year of this conference, I was not aware of it. But having been awakened, I was able to notice related articles in the paper about the conference. For example in an article about Hillary Clinton, it pointed out that she was at the original Beijing conference. A separate article highlighted issues facing women politically by noting that China had detained women advocates at the time of the conference. There were several sessions at the UN building, some even in the main halls. One that struck me was under the auspices of Equality Now. One of the things that made it memorable was that the first speaker was Jane Fonda. What made it more memorable was her long list of countries where improvement had been made for women and the areas in which there had been improvement. Of course, while there have been improvements in many countries this does highlight the fact that much more improvement is necessary.

Women have always been an equal part of the past.
They just haven’t been part of history.
Gloria Steinem


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