Alla 1 cropBy Alla Baranovskaya, Intern in SNDatUN Office  

The recent High-level Event on Climate Change at the UN was an incredible opportunity to understand the issue about climate change better from the perspective of governments instead of the more familiar one of social media. The event helped to determine at which stage different countries are currently standing when it comes to preparation for the December political forum on this topic in Paris, France. I’ve noticed that one of the main focuses that was common for most of the countries’ governments was to “send signals” to private sectors and the public in general. It is one thing for people to see breaking news on TV how climate change is affecting the world and how it will destroy our planet before the next generations after ours grow old. The other thing, however, is for us to understand where we the people are standing in this situation, what we need to change in our ways of living, and how much we need to input, so the outcome can make the difference. Contrary to people in general, the private sector has big aims in particular because they are the ones who have money and who can financially help good and crucially necessary causes. However, the causes need to be specified and explained. This is how the “sending signals” technique is taking priority over any other technique and this is the reason many governments have absolutely agreed about it.

Time is limited. Time is what we are mostly talking about here. If glaciers melt before we take appropriate actions there will be nothing that we can do. Governments all agree that each one of their inputs is inevitable in order to save this planet. However, governments could not cover all the necessary expenses and needs while the private sector is not trying to do anything differently, but, in contrary, making this problem accelerate with time. Therefore the real solution is hidden in that message that private sector needs to get from a legitimate institution, such as the government of one’s country. If this message, or in other words “the signals”, are being delivered properly, stating the points accurately and providing explanations, the private sector will have no choice left but to participate and take some kind of action. At first sight the action one private company can potentially take might not seem like big input to solve the problem; however, when all those private companies add up the result will be seen, and hopefully, as a result, the world can reduce climate change to its goal point: limit warming to less than two degrees Celsius.



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