Fatima BrimahBy Fatima Brimah, Intern in SNDatUN Office  

I have always believed that the world has become a global village and, as a citizen of the world, I have an obligation to help in bridging gaps of disparity, in supporting and trying to understand diversity, and in playing an important role in the diplomatic corps. During my childhood and undergraduate years, I have been humbled to have had personal and professional experiences within the West African sub-region, Ghana in particular, and they have helped me not only with practical experience but also with developing working knowledge, comprehension and fluency in several languages important in the African continent. It has been a long term goal to someday work with the United Nations and gather as much as I could from that experience to be a better world citizen.

Fatima + AnnanJune 22nd, 2015 was my first day at the United Nations Headquarters’ in New York. My closest friends and family members were equally as excited as I was. A good family friend Naa Shika introduced me to Ms. Jean Stoner, who works with the Sisters of Notre Dame, an NGO affiliated with the United Nations, and they made this whole experience possible. On this day I remember going through the security point very excited, looking forward to this privilege. As I walked in with my supervisor Jean, the first picture I spotted was Kofi Annan’s (former UN secretary general). Being a proud and patriotic citizen of Ghana, I walked straight to my fellow Ghanaian’s portrait and took a “selfie”. I remember taking multiple selfies out of excitement.

With the help of my supervisor Jean, I found my way around the premises. The tour was very informative. I was able capture a lot of beautiful scenery, sculptures and paintings given to the United Nations as gifts from all over the world. The experience was overwhelming. It was a dream come true for me. I have always imagined myself at the United Nations in a meeting with presidents, delegates, civil servants and many others. I was given the privilege to share the same room with people who were trying to make a positive impact in society from all walks of life and all over the world. The moment I received my ID, I knew my dreams had come true. I had a big grin on my face while staring at my ID. I was humbled. I finally made it to the United Nations.



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