Paola Nzuzi 2By Paola Nzuzi, SNDdeN  Our world is going through a period of tribulation, without borders, invaded by arms violations and trafficking of all kinds. The UN through its conferences seeks to limit the flow of illicit weapons used illegally. I had the opportunity to attend a conference during which delegates from different countries participated in the debate of the Committee on Disarmament and International Security ( on conventional weapons. They recalled the devastation caused by small arms and light weapons which fuel criminal organizations and terrorist groups responsible for thousands of deaths and which constitute a direct and permanent threat to the stability of States. They proposed a number of resolutions on the use, transfer, storage and destruction of munitions, and resolutions to stem the flow of small arms and light weapons in particular.

These conferences at the United Nations have allowed me to have a positive image about the work the UN carries through its various commissions and to realize the complexity of the decisions taken to maintain peace and security in the world, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation on all matters where it can be useful, encourage respect for human rights, and be a center where the efforts of nations in common objectives are harmonized.


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