By Mary Jo Toll, Chair of the NGO Committee on Migration, and SNDatUN delegate to the 8th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD)

L to R: Mary Jo Toll, Cristina Igoa and Diana Eusebio at UN Migration event

L to R: Mary Jo Toll, Cristina Igoa and Diana Eusebio at UN Migration event

“Having worked on preparation for all eight Global Forums on Migration and Development and having attended those in Mexico, Mauritius, and Sweden, I am well aware of the positive results of civil society advocacy in these working sessions. Among them are: 1) enhanced understanding of the contributions of migrants to development, 2) recognition of barriers to migration which are inconsistent with the needs of all countries (both developing and developed), and 3) growing partnerships of civil society, UN agencies, and countries, particularly in the area of action on respect for migrant human rights.”

NGO Committee on MigrationMary Jo continues, “I am looking forward to the intense work of the GFMD in Istanbul at which we will further emphasize and extend the work that the NGO Committee on Migration ( is doing on issues of migrants in crisis in transit, fair labor standards and fair recruitment costs, migrant empowerment, and keeping migrants present to the coming Sustainable Development Agenda. This work is critical to our NGO role in advocacy for positive systemic change on an international level.”


Read the summary of the Migrants in Crisis in Transit Survey:
Migration Survey Summary 2015

Nzambi a tu bane nguzu mu Kukaiela!
(God give us the strength to keep moving forward!)
Bantu dialect


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