Book launch

L to R: Joy Ogwu, Emeka Obiezu and Cecile                                      Meijer at the book launch

At a recent monthly meeting of Catholic sisters, brothers, and priests who are NGO representatives at the United Nations, a new publication was announced: “It Is Good for Us to Be Here: Catholic Religious Institutes as NGOs at the United Nations”, edited by Emeka Xris Obiezu OSA, Joan F.Burke SNDdeN, and Cecile Meijer RSCJ.

In Emeka Obiezu book coverher comments during the book launch, Professor Joy Ogwu, Nigerian Ambassador to the United Nations, emphasized the many contributions that men and women religious make in their advocacy efforts at the UN. “Groups from catholic traditions, especially those of institutes of religious life, have been the most influential faithbased NGOs. They have not only played a range of positive roles but have also affected UN decision-making and its approach to global issues by the moral and ethical consciousness they bring to the entire process of peace, security, and development. Nowhere is their constructive role in promoting the common good more evident than at the United Nations, the heart of international politics.”

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