Igoa Cristina

By Cristina Igoa, SNDatUN delegate to the 60th Commission on the Status of Women
During a presentation entitled “Women’s Voices from North Korea: Repression and Resilience”, held at the United States Permanent Mission to the UN, four North Korean women defectors told about escaping from their country. It was clear that these women had been oppressed by the North Korean government run by dictatorial leader Kim Jong Un who is little more than a bad approximation of his deceased father and who has continued his father’s military-first policies with emphasis on nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

North Korea is a dangerous place for women. They can be raped without any consequences to the men who do such an act. The men who rape women allow them to give birth to their babies and then the babies are sold to anyone who wishes to purchase them. Even more tragic is the fact that men who put babies up for sale do not care who will purchase these children and are even apt to use the money to buy lunch or a sandwich.

NK panel crop

Hearing of these tragic circumstances for women left the audience stunned and feeling helpless. Government officials took notes about what is happening but were not able to give details about what world governments are doing to help these women. I hope something will be done to free them from this oppressive environment and such horrific acts of inhumanity.


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  1. Dear Jean,
    Thank you for giving us all the details of the suffering women in North Korea. This news is overwhelmimg in pain and sorrow

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