Pam StonerBy Pamela Stoner, SNDatUN delegate to the Commission on the Status of Women: The foremost annual global caucus on gender rights and empowerment, CSW60 brought thousands of women and hundreds of men together for two weeks to learn, collaborate, network and engage. It was wonderful to see so many strong, resilient women and girls come together from so many corners of the world!

Photos: Pamela Stoner and Katie Blawie

Photos: Pamela Stoner and Katie Blawie

It was all so joyous and colorful. The session/event leaders and participants were determined to share best practices and ensure that we could all go back to our countries to share, teach, and work for change and improvement. Looking at these determined women and youth gave me hope that we can keep the focus on these vital issues so that concrete improvement will happen over time.


By Carolyn Phillips, Pace University student sponsored by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur to attend the Commission on the Status of Women:  It was a really beneficial experience for me because I was able to learn how the United Nations actually works. This experience also enabled me to network with people in my field that I wouldn’t have been able to without attending this event. I even got an internship from the International Working Group on Women and Sport at a panel! I learned so much about the United Nations, international sport, disability rights, and myself during those two weeks.




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