• “The principle of subsidiarity is a two-sided coin that calls for decisions to be made by the  Flower rock
    smallest unit possible, but the largest unit necessary. This sometimes requires governments to intervene when smaller units are unable or unwilling to make just decisions, especially in the case of abusing the environment.” Meghan Clark, Professor at St. John’s University
  • On June 12, the 6-month anniversary of the Paris Agreement, faith communities around the world will come together to escalate the call for action on climate change. Join them: (English and Spanish)
  • Watch “Amazonia: Dorothy Stang’s Struggle”: bitly/1rKvAEi (available in 16 languages)
  • Read about forced migration of small island nations due to climate change: “Countries of the world need to start thinking seriously about how many people they’re going to take in,” says Michael Gerrard. “The current horrific situation in Europe is a fraction of what’s going to be caused by climate change.”
  • Our beautiful earth is a gift to be protected. Watch the stunning video “Creation Calls”: com/magnificent.html

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  1. Hello Jean! I have watched the “Stunning” video!! So beautiful, Thank you

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