aliuBy Priscilla Aliu SNDdeN: On my last day at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) I met Mme Matoti from Liberia. She did not go to school and can neither read nor write. She told me she came to CSW to be the voice for uneducated persons. She loves to speak for people who are like her because she feels she understands their plight in a way that only someone with that background can.


Without the ability to read or write or being in the four walls of a Matoti cropclassroom, Matoti has done remarkable things in her country. She opened an orphanage for children whose mothers died during the 1990’s war in Liberia. She built a school and a church near the orphanage to meet the children’s education and spiritual needs. She is also a skilled farmer and co-chair of a farmers’ co-operative organization she founded. She has proudly won the farmer’s trophy for her country. Quite extraordinary! Isn’t it so true of the saying that we are either maimed or made by our life’s experiences? In line with Intentional Creativity teaching, Mme Matoti has indeed transformed her personal story into a position of empowerment and healing.


2 Responses

  1. This a wonderful story. Thank you for sending it to us.How St. Julie would love it!

  2. What a great woman with a courageous and a wide heart, despite poor education background. May God continues to uphold her and reward her for giving hope and meaningful future for the poor and the abandoned.

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