UNCTAD 14: new ideas birthed and potent ones awakened to action

Eunice NdabiBy Eunice Ndabih, IBVM, SNDatUN delegate to UNCTAD 14Every opportunity is a learning experience and once an opportunity presents itself, it’s upon me to make use of it or else it may be once in a lifetime chance – should I miss? This is the motivation behind my interest in participating in this conference that is a global platform in which the participants are voices, eyes, and ears of their respective states.

In the year 2009, I had a chance to represent my university campus at a workshop organized by international movement of catholic students on gender and women’s empowerment as a way of reducing poverty in Africa. It was a workshop to come up with an action plan in response to the MDGs but also to exercise our motto of preferential option for the poor. The fruits of that workshop are still viable to the present as later we were asked to discern on a project in which we would respond to what we had gained. After sharing with my colleagues back on the campus, we agreed upon sponsoring some needy girls through school and we started with two girls who are now completing their secondary education.

My participation in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is a chance to meet and be part of a global mind in which new ideas are birthed and potent ones awakened to action. I am a delegate of not only my country Kenya but of a wider community of the christian fraternity as a religious sister. I am grateful for the opportunity.

UNCTAD 14 en

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