Celine CheronoBy Celine Cherono, IBVM, SNDatUN delegate to UNCTAD 14Inspired by Nelson Mandela, I have a dream to campaign relentlessly for an end to extreme poverty. UNCTAD 14 is my golden opportunity. Indeed many people have been trapped in the prison of man-made poverty and their freedom depends on my actions. I really want human persons to live in a world free from poverty, for as long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest. Therefore I want to gain more skills so that my dream can blossom.

My motivation is this sad reality. You find young girls from age 9 giving birth! A child giving birth to a child! She is not even aware of what motherhood entails… It’s so painful… I have witnessed this even from my close relatives and my own sister and I know the pain. The mother of an immature mother takes responsibility. In most cases, they are rejected and for them to survive, they get other men who cheat on them, impregnate them and dump them. So, as they look for money to raise their kids through the dirty means of prostitution, another child arrives and another one and another one. All because of poverty.

With this harsh and painful reality, my dream is to reach out to at least one in 2017, educate her on life issues, then begin a small business for her. I am already sacrificing part of my personal funds towards this so that she may enjoy the freedom of human dignity. I have come to realize that the world is eager for actions not words. Therefore I am acting with courage and vision.

UNCTAD 14_banner_EN


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