Grace Amarachi Ezeonu

With joy we welcome Grace Amarachi Ezeonu, SNDdeN, who on September 1 will begin her service as NGO representative for the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur at the United Nations. To this important position Grace brings a strong background in social justice and leadership and a commitment to systemic change and collaboration. Many community experiences in her home country of Nigeria add a special dimension to her understanding of global issues.

JeanStoner cropAs for me, I now conclude six years of service at the UN expressing gratitude for meaningful immersion in the international arena, beneficial networking with other NGOs, and energizing engagement with many visitors and groups about global issues. Dag Hammarskjold said it best: “For all that has been, Thank you. For all that is to come, Yes!”

Jean Stoner, SNDdeN
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur
NGO Representative at the United Nations


4 Responses

  1. Thankyou Jean …..Good Luck Amarachi ……a qu’il est Bon, le Bon Dieu !

  2. Thank you for your generous service, Jean, and for offering us the opportunity to attend sessions with you. Blessings on you as you begin your new ministry, Amarachi.

  3. Thank you Jean for your wonderful contribution. I have enjoyed all your messages and articles and information. I hope you will continue to enjoy your ministry to bring God’s Good news to us all. I am so grateful for your presemce.
    Mary Cluderay s.n.d.

  4. Welcome Amarachi! We are all supporting you with love and prayer!
    Sister Marian joins with me in this wish.
    Mary Cluderay s.n.d

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