By patience-mpelaPatience Mpela, SNDdeN  I was pleased to be present at the United Nations (UN) for the 2016 UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The theme of the forum, which took place from July 11-22, was “Ensuring that No One is Left Behind.” The HLPF, I learned, is a platform for review geared toward the implementation of the SDGs by Member States. Twenty-two countries voluntarily reviewed their progress in the implementation of the SDGs during the forum.

It is imperative that African leaders, within their respective countries, take the implementation of the SDGs by 2030 very seriously. Illiteracy, inadequate healthcare services, gender inequality, lack of clean water, lack of energy, and many other challenges, are still prevalent in many African countries. Leaders must be held accountable to their qcommitment to achieve the 17 SDGS by 2030. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) would be well advised to engage in monitoring the levels of advancement made by respective governments, in the implementation of the SDGs, while educating the citizens on the goals so that they also may become informed. In the implementation of the SDGs, governments must not focus solely on cities. Every corner of the society and every single individual must be included to “ensure that no one is left behind.”


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  1. Thank you dear Amarachi for your letter calling us to support the efforts needed to be made by so many Governments in order to reach the goals you have described.
    I pray for you as you begin this new Ministry

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