Students in the SNDatUN NY Office

I was quite delighted to welcome 12 students from Notre Dame Seishin High School, Hiroshima, Japan, to the SNDatUN Office in New York, on 28th March 2018. The students were accompanied by Sister Mary Corripio, SNDdeN, and Ms. Aoyama, a faculty member. Below are comments from some of the students on the experience of their visit. Other

“From the visit to the UN, I learned about the importance of working together to build a


Sr. Amarachi sharing about her work with the students

better world.  I knew that there were many problems such as refugees, conflicts, and global warming around the world before I came to New York, but by listening to your speech and going to a tour in the UN, and by experiencing the diversity in New York, I felt those problems more closely and felt the desperate need for them to be solved.  Thank you for giving us an opportunity to think again about these problems around the world.”  Ayaka Satani

“I was very surprised to take a lot of time to enter the United Nations the other day.  The exit gate of the United Nations was as secure as the entrance gate and we need our passport when we got there. After we made a study tour of the UN, hearing the explanations, we listened to the lecture by the sister who has been working at the United Nations.  And then, I was attracted to her and organization’s way of thinking. I want to try to work on the seventeen SDGs of aiming for sustainable society with my friends. Thank you so much for a charming meeting.”  Yuka Niimi


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